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The Destinations of Leavers From Higher Education 2015: Further Study

Further study amongst 2015 Sussex UG leavers



In the above graph and table we can see that 5% (29) of Sussex first degree leavers were studying for a PhD;  80% (438) were studying for a Masters; 15% (83) were studying for a combination of postgraduate diploma or professional qualification including teacher training, or another undergraduate degree. 

Further Study By School

Chart 1. Further Study by Sussex School

In Chart 1 we see the proportion of leavers from each school that have chosen to undertake further study. This does not indicate whether the further study institution was at Sussex. The data shows that in general there has been a significant increase in further study rates over the past 2 years and some schools are showing some of their best ever results.

Graduates in Further Study Remaining at Sussex

Out of the first degree leavers who went on to further study at an Educational Institution (University or College), the percentage of those who remained at Sussex increased significantly between 2014 and 2015 rising from 31% to 68%, while the percentage studying at other UK institutions decreased by a corresponding amount.