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Solicitor, Legal Executive and Other Legal Roles

Training contracts

A training contract is a two-year training period where you work as a trainee solicitor at a solicitors' firm. During your training contract you will also complete the Professional Skills Course to qualify as a solicitor.

Some firms require students to apply for a training contract before they start their LPC, and it is possible to get funding for an LPC from your training contract supplier. Firms often start hiring for training contracts two years in advance. This means applying in June/July of the summer vacation between your second and third year if you are a law student, and before you start the GDL if you are a non-law graduate.

Graduate schemes where you can train to become a solicitor also exist for law and non-law graduates:

Researching training contracts

You can use the resources below to search for training contract positions:

Tips on applying for training contracts

Developing your commercial awareness

Being aware of the latest developments and trends in business and commerce will help you to understand the factors that might affect your client's business and the implications of your legal advice.

Commercial awareness is a skill that you'll develop over time and it needs to be continually updated. You can begin developing your skills by following the news closely and keeping up to date with business reports.

Interviewers are likely to assess your commercial awareness skills and ask you about what you know about upcoming developments and changes that may affect their firm or clients. 

Preparing for training contract interviews