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Human Resources and Recruitment

Roles in HR and recruitment

Human resources is an in-house business function within most organisations and sectors. HR is responsible for the management and recruitment of staff, including employee welfare, training and development, performance and reward, pensions, recruitment, and health and safety. Some sectors and large organisations hire training and development officers to ensure their workforce have the training they need for their role.

Some organisations choose to outsource their HR functions, including using recruitment or HR consultants. Recruitment consultants find candidates for specific roles by advertising and reviewing candidates' suitability, before passing details onto their client. The role is profit and sales driven with most consultants receiving commission for their placements. Some recruitment consultancies specialise and only work with specific sectors.  

Skills important in this sector

  • Interpersonal skills such as empathy, sensitivity, tact and discretion
  • The ability to get on with a range of people and work well in a team
  • Strong organisational and administrative skills
  • Good time management
  • Flexibility
  • IT skills
  • Numeracy and financial skills

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