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Marketing, Advertising and PR

Roles in marketing, advertising and PR

Most organisations have a marketing function that is responsible for understanding customers' needs and developing customer relationships by performing research and communicating effectively about products or services. The marketing department is responsible for promoting the business or its brand and helping it to fulfil its business aims. 

Digital marketers are being recruited to manage their online presence through search engine optimisation, social media, pay per click marketing etc.

Advertising and PR are functions related to marketing that are used to promote goods and services. Marketing departments may perform advertising and PR functions but are most likely to use advertising and/or PR agencies for big campaigns.

Market research agencies also exist whose role is to investigate consumer attitudes to potential and/or existing products on behalf of their clients.

Events management and events promotion are related to marketing as associated events are often part of a company's marketing plan. Events promotion also has a significant overlap with marketing.

Schemes to increase diversity in this sector

Various schemes exist to help increase diversity in this sector

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