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Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering


Careers with your degree

Job Profiles

  • You might work in product development or in a support/implementation role. Development positions will typically involve one product at a time, while support roles might feature multiple projects per day. Project lengths can vary from a few weeks to more than a year. Support engineers may work with a product for years
  • The working environment is very much based on multi-disciplinary teams with different levels of experience. At the beginning a graduate might do small sections of the work. With experience you would take on greater levels of responsibility, in either a technical or management area

Graduate destinations

Some of our recent graduates working in these areas include:

  • Graduate
    Engineer, hurleypalmerflatt (engineering consultancy) - MEng Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Production Systems Engineer, Gemini Data Loggers - BEng Electronic Engineering
  • Electronics, Drallim Industries - BEng Computer Systems Engineering
  • Research & Development Engineer - Electronic Systems, itmsoil - BEng Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Hardware Design Engineer, Optisense - MEng Computer Systems Engineering
  • Defence Engineer, Chess Dynamics - MEng Electrical/Electronic Engineering 

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