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IT, Computing and Data Science

Roles in IT, computing and data science

The IT sector is very broad, containing people who develop, maintain, and provide support for software and hardware. Some jobs in this field can be highly technical and can require knowledge of coding and software management.

Other jobs require a high degree of communication skills, to sell products, share ideas, or get across new ways of working eg. IT consultant, IT sales professional, and technical support officer. Creative work such as games design and multimedia programming can also require these kinds of skills. Data science is a rapidly growing area, too, requiring both technical and analytical skills.

Brighton is a digital hub with many e-learning, IT and games companies recruiting for roles in IT, marketing and e-learning.

IT professionals can be found working in almost any job sector, including in finance, government, retail and marketing. IT consultants can be found working with clients or organisations to improve their IT systems.

Schemes to increase diversity in the IT sector

Various schemes exist to help increase diversity in this sector