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Allied Health, Medical Associates and Nursing


When applying for courses:

  • Have a clear idea of why you want to work in the sector
  • Look at the skills/attitudes you will need and match them to your experience
  • Try to build your experience and knowledge accordingly. If you can't get direct work experience in the area you are applying for, try to arrange some work shadowing


Interviews and assessment

Different institutions have different approaches. You may have a traditional 1-to-1 interview with a panel made up of admissions team member/s and relevant professionals. Or you could have a mini multiple interview (MMI), which consists of several question stations, each with a different focus. Some may involve role play or manual dexterity tasks and you will have around 4-10 minutes at each station. Other courses may use assessment centre approaches, which might involve group work and individual interviews.

Check with each course when you apply, as most include this information on their web pages. However, on all courses, expect to be questioned on the NHS Constitution and NHS values, your work experience/work shadowing, and your knowledge of the relevant profession and your commitment to it.

Skills for the Allied Health Professions

  • Excellent people and communication skills. Listening as well as talking
  • The ability to form good working relationships with clients of all ages and backgrounds. This might involve empathy as well as the ability to motivate people
  • Creative and adaptable, with the ability to create tailored programmes for individuals and to work in groups
  • Good teamworking skills and the ability to work alone

Latest Health News

An understanding of latest developments in health and medicine can be very helpful for applications and interviews.

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