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Charity & Voluntary Sector: Jobs and Experience

Working with volunteers, in not-for-profit charitable organisations


Jobs and Experience

How to get helpful work experience and get started

Progressive Careers


How to find voluntary work, and develop skills that could hep you in this sector

Charityworks Webinar

Information & Skills webinar from Charityworks, October 2016. It covers specifics about the programme and application tips, as well as answering questions from placement organisations and development opportunities to salaries and visas:

Charity Apprentice

Jobs sites

A list of sites with vacancies in this sector

Graduate schemes

Graduate Schemes are paid jobs offered to graduates to give them a chance to get training and get started in the sector

Charity directory

The Charity Commission website lists all registered charities and give details of their expenses and contact details

This could be a useful tool when researching organisations.


Recruitment agencies are companies that take some responsibility for placing you in suitable roles

CareerHub - Charity and Voluntary Jobs

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Third Sector Jobs

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Voluntary Sector Jobs

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Guardian Charity Jobs

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