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Law Enforcement and Security

Becoming a probation officer

Probation officers can be found working in prisons, court and the community. Their role is to assist the rehabilitation of offenders, help protect the local community and reduce recidivism.

When you start training, you will work as a probation services officer and become a probation officer on qualification.

A graduate with any degree can train to become a probation officer with the Professional Qualification in Probation (PQiP). Those with a relevant degree can qualify in 15 months, while those with an unrelated degree can qualify in 21 months. You will also need to have practical experience of working with offenders or individuals with challenging behaviour.

The route to qualifying as a probation officer

The application process for probation Officer (PQiP) training takes 6-7 months to complete. It usually opens in early Spring and September. There will be an online application form and online assessment centre, followed by pre-employment checks.

If you successfully apply for PQiP training, you will be employed as a Trainee Probation Officer and receive a salary while you complete your training.

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