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Product Design



This is a sector where knowing the right people can be very important and, with many smaller companies, applying speculatively can be the best way to get in.

Important things to remember are

  1. Do your research: contact the right people, find out what the company does
  2. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be a good way to find and keep in touch with people who are useful to know
  3. Make sure you contact people afterwards to follow up on your networking or applications

Personality & Skills

  • Creative approach to coming up with new ideas
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Sound knowledge of CAD and/or ability to express ideas through drawings & 3D models
  • Good grasp of engineering and design principles
  • An understanding of different materials and manufacturing/production methods
  • Awareness of sustainability issues and environmental impact of design
  • Good teamworking skills

Current Awareness

Keep up-to-date with sector developments. It can be very useful for applications and interviews.

Use Us

If you need help with your applications, or have an interview to prepare for, we can help:

  • Applying for jobs - covers CVs, covering letters, applications, interviews, selections tests and assessment centres
  • Getting Advice - we have a range of bookable-in-advance and bookable-on-the-day appointments on CareerHub throughout the week. Bring your CV/application or get interview advice