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International Development


There are a number of areas to work in International Development. These include:

  • NGOs - Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are private bodies, generally operating on a not-for-profit basis. Many will undertake practical, hands-on projects in the field. Others will concentrate on campaigns to influence public opinion and government policy. Volunteering and internships are common ways to gain experience, make contacts and start to build your career
  • International Organisations - These include UN Institutions and other multilateral organisations, such as the World Bank, IMF, OECD. They play a front line role in the world's response to socio-economic, humanitarian and security issues. Many offer internship opportunities. However, they are often aimed at postgraduates with considerable experience already and are generally unpaid
  • Government - The UK department most directly involved is the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Job Profiles

Job Roles and Opportunities

Admin roles

  • Office-based work for an NGO or organisation is a good first role in the sector
  • Learn more about how an organisation works and be in a better position when other jobs are advertised


  • Essential and valued role for NGOs
  • Develop research, communication, negotiation and financial skills

Relief work

  • Important as organisations need to respond quickly
  • Specific skills and experience are generally required
  • Technical skills, such as medical, engineering or logistics. But also finance, HR & housing

Graduate Destinations

Some of our recent graduates working in this area include: