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Law: Legal Execs

A guide to careers as a barrister, solicitor, legal executive or paralegal



Paralegals, or legal assistants, assist lawyers with legal work

They have a growing number of responsibilities, but cannot represent clients in court, give legal advice, or set legal fees

Facts and Figures - Legal Executives

Other Law Jobs

The following professions also have the right to carry out legal work in the UK


There is no requirement for Legal Executives to have a degree qualification, however it can help. A Law degree or a law conversion course is especially useful as it grants exemptions to some parts of the Institute of Legal Executives qualification

Getting legal work experience is important to improving one's employability

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives offer a training scheme that allows you to qualify as a Lawyer

If you have a Law qualification you can qualify to be a Legal Executive for £2,400 through nine months of part-time study

Otherwise you can study for a flexible length of time while you work for a cost of £6,200

Paralegal Training

Paralegals carry out supporting work in law firms, but are not lawyers

Training can be obtained from paralegal organisations

Professional groups

Other Legal Professions

According to English and Welsh Law, the following professions are allowed to carry out legal work

ProfessionRights of audienceConduct of litigationReserved instrumentsProbate activitiesNotarial activitiesAdministration of oaths
Solicitor Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Barrister Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Notary No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Legal Executives
Yes No No No No Yes
Licensed Conveyancers No No Yes No No Yes
Patent Attorneys Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Trade Mark Attorneys Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Law Costs Draftsmen Yes Yes No No No


Trainee Solicitor Surgery - Paralegal Jobs

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