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Sales, Logistics & Retail: Jobs and Experience

Selling, buying, and providing products to clients and customers

Sales, Logistics & Retail

Jobs and Experience

How to get helpful work experience and get started

Starting up your own business

Get Experience

Retail Graduate Schemes

There are a huge number of retail graduate schemes available

Here are some sites you can use to find schemes


Internships are usually work experience programmes that last for between a few weeks and a few months

If internships offer set hours and responsibilities they should be paid at least minimum wage

Experience for First Years

Getting experience early in your degree is becoming important, some companies offer programmes to help first years get started

CareerHub - Sales, Retail and Logistics Jobs

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Recruitment Sites

This page lists some of the internships, placements and work opportunities available in this field. You can find more opportunities on the websites listed below


Placements are a way to get around a year of work experience during your course. The university can count them as part of your degree

You can find more information about placements on our website