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Sales, Logistics & Retail: Insider Views

Selling, buying, and providing products to clients and customers

Sales, Logistics & Retail

Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector

Career Videos

These videos can give you an idea how people get into and advance in this sector

What Our Graduates Do

Here are some of the jobs in this sector Sussex students have gone on to do after they graduate

Recruitment Officer at Officer Angels, studied Media

Sales Executive at Zyxel, studied Business and Management

Customer Service Manager at BUPA, studied Business and Management

Sales Manager at Jenison E-learning Solutions, studied E-learning Design

Customer Service and Export Co-Ordinator at Ling Design, studied Psychology

Zak Moses - Retail Executive

Zak is responsible for purschasing confectionaries for cinemas, sorts out promotions, ensures deliveries are successful, etc

He started working in this area part time in college as someone who sold popcorn and worked up to a management role

He feels this helps him understand those who work for him


  • These jobs can be highly social
  • Good work can be strongly rewarded, for instance through commissions on sales


  • This can be a high pressure sector, targets and deadlines are very important
  • There is a strong element of competition
  • In sales roles, it is important you can deal with rejection
  • Customer service can be stressful or unpleasant
  • Retail can be strongly affected by economic changes

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