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Publishing: Sector Overview

Guide to careers in publishing books, journals, online resources and other items


Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them

Trends in the Sector

  • Companies are currently consolidating
  • Ebooks are becoming more important in this field, and publishing for mobile apps is a growth area
  • The self-publishing sector has grown by 287% in the past five years

Facts and Figures


Decrease in publishing sales between 2012 and 2013


Growth in digital sales over the same period


Number of publishing firms. 1560 have 4 or under employees, 10 have over 250


Of publishers are based in London

From Publishing Association 2013


Publishing is a very diverse sector

It requires employees to work in various roles including Marketing, Administration, IT, Intellectual Property Rights, Contracts, Research and Finance

The sector produces books, magazines, in house journals, academic materials, and many other printed materials

Here are some of the roles available

Publisher Groups

These are some groups active in publishing, they provide events, information and networking opportunities

Job Reviews

These sites contain reviews of what its like to work for publishing employers, written by recent graduates