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Publishing: Application Tips

Guide to careers in publishing books, journals, online resources and other items


Tips for Applying

How to get work in this sector


Publishing can involve a wide range of skills and knowledge

  • An ability to use Office publishing systems like Microsoft Publisher is useful
  • Knowledge of laws surrounding intellectual property can be helpful
  • Administrative skills
  • Communication skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Creative talent
  • Knowledge of specific software packages
  • Commercial awareness

Many other abilities can be helpful, depending on the job



Interviews and Selection Tests


While some publishing houses in this sector have well organised internship programmes. However, in many cases speculative applications and knowing the right people can the right time can be important, especially at smaller publishing companies

Important things to remember are

  1. Do your research: contact the right people, find out what the company does
  2. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be a good way to find and keep in touch with people who are useful to know
  3. Make sure you contact people afterwards to follow up on your networking or applications

Current Awareness

Being aware of news, developments and issues in the industry can help at interviews

Here's some news sources you may want to try, more can be found in Insider Views

Commercial Awareness

UCAS defines commercial awareness as understanding "...the economics of the business. Understands the business benefits and commercial realities from both the organisation's and the customer's perspectives"