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Psychology: Insider Views

a guide to careers in psychology


Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector

Jobs and Experience

How to get helpful work experience and get started

Tips for Applying

How to get work in this sector

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them


Routes into psychology careers

Graduate Destinations

Some of our recent graduates working in these areas include:

Other job roles found by our graduates include research assistant, trainee mental health adviser, support worker, healthcare support, playworker, personal support assistant, mental health worker

Find out more about what our graduates do


Presentations from our Careers in Psychology event. This takes place every year during Spring Term. Look out for it!

Blog Watch

Job Profiles

These will give you and idea about what the work involves, entry requirements, further training and how to get on:

Forensic Psychologist

It's not about using offender profiling to catch criminals...


  • A rewarding career where your knowledge and skills can make a real difference to people’s lives
  • Once you are established, salaries can be high


  • Extremely competitive
  • It can take years to qualify, so make sure it’s what you want to do
  • Working with distressed people can be upsetting, you need to be resilient

Alumni Careers Network

Use our Alumni Careers Network to find Sussex graduates working in areas you are interested in. Find out more about what working in that sector is really like, get direct advice and find out if it's right for you!