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Product Design: Insider Views

a guide to careers in product design and design engineering

Product Design

Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector

Graduate destinations

Some of our recent graduates working in these areas include:

  • Sales and Product Development, Blue Gem Eyeware - BSc Product Design
  • Freelance Product Designer - BSc Product Design
  • Callibration Engineer, Ford - BSc Product Design

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Job Profiles

More manufacturing and engineering job profiles from the National Careers Service 

Starting your own design business


  • Allows for creativity
  • If you work in manufacturing, or large design companies, hours are likey to be stable and office-based
  • Getting to see your ideas put into production



  • It's a competitive field
  • Vulnerable to economic fluctuations
  • Technology changes constantly. You need to stay up-to-date with developments
  • Responding to customer needs may conflict with your own ideas as a desginer

Alumni Careers Network

Use our Alumni Careers Network to find Sussex graduates working in areas you are interested in. Find out more about what working in that sector is really like, get direct advice and find out if it's right for you!