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Politics: Tips for Applications

Politics, Social Research, Think Tanks & Lobbying


Tips for Applying

How to get work in this sector

Relevant Skills

  1. Networking is important for finding jobs and for talking to the right people
  2. Knowledge of political issues can be a plus
  3. Ability to sell ideas and put across a point of view
  4. Strong research skills and ability to process information
  5. Good written and oral communication skills
  6. Committment and enthusiasm about the cause are important
  7. When working in politics, it is important to be tough-minded and assertive
  8. IT and organisational skills can be highly important

CVs and Applications



Networking can serve two purposes; getting more information, and getting work

In larger companies with established hiring procedures, networking is less important for finding work, but it can still be important for building reputation and getting information