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Pharmacy: Training



The qualifications you need to get started in this sector


There is a fixed route into pharmacy

Trainees must complete a four-year MPharm course followed by pre-registration training and passing an entry exam

There is no graduate conversion course and it is not possible to transfer into the second year from a related course

Pharmacy Support

Pre-registration Pharmacist Industry Information Pack


Applications for pre-registration training vary - some companies will recruit a year in advance, while others will ask applicants to apply from the end of their third year

Training as a Pharmacist

Jobs in this field require a four-year MPharm degree accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)

Pharmacy students can undertake summer placements in community or hospital pharmacies during their first, second or third years to gain experience for their pre-registration training

On completion of their degree, graduates must spend at least 52 weeks at a pre-registration training placement under the supervision of a tutor

Graduates are then required to pass the GPhC registration exam in order to register as a pharmacist

Pre-registration Training

After graduation, pre-registration training is the next step on the path to becoming a pharmacist

There are a few options when choosing a placement:

  • community pharmacy pre-registration placement
  • hospital pharmacy pre-registration placement
  • split industrial pre-registration placement
  • split academia pre-registration placement 
  • split clinical commissioning group pre-registration placement
  • pre-registration placement with GP experience

Pre-registration Training Vacancies

Chemist and Druggist pre-registration vacancies

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National Pharmacy pre-registration vacancies

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