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Pharmacy: Jobs and Experience


Jobs and Experience

How to get helpful work experience and get started

Types of Opportunities

Summer work placements are offered in community and hospital pharmacies, and industrial pharmacy. Placements usually last from 2-6 weeks. Community placements may be paid, while hospital placements tend to be voluntary

Community pharmacies and industrial pharmacy companies often recruit their pre-registration trainees from their summer placement schemes

Some summer internships are open to students from their first year onwards. Most hospital placements are offered to students in their third year of study

How to Get a Headstart with Summer Placements in Hospital Pharmacy

NHS Database of Community Pharmacies

Jobs Sites

Summer Internships

Getting Experience

Getting work experience in a setting where you work with the public will be useful for community and pharmacy roles ie. retail, student mentoring/ambassador roles, volunteering etc

Voluntary or paid work in a healthcare setting will also be useful

Chemist and Druggist Pharmacy Jobs

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Boots Pharmacist Vacancies

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