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Patents & Regulation: Training

Patents & Regulation


The qualifications you need to get started in this sector


As patent work involves a lot of international contact, knowledge of other languages is an advantage

The European Patent Office does work in English, German, and French. So knowledge of these languages can be especially helpful

Patent Attorney Training

Training is done at work and has two levels; Foundation and Advanced

It can take two to six years to qualify

Full time courses are available that can be done in place of Foundation level training

Usually, people wait until after qualifying as a Patent Attorney before undertaking further training with the European Patent Office

Many Patent Attorneys also take training as a Trademarks Attorney

Trademark Attorney Training

Law courses for this profession are run in Queen Mary's University London, and in Bournemouth

Following this, a Legal Practice Course for this field is run in Nottingham. This runs over 12 to 18 months and is a part-time course

Additional to the training, you will need two or more years of supervised work experience

Regulation training routes


These courses have been approved by the relevant professional bodies as useful to people getting into Intellectual Property