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Museums & Galleries: Tips for Applications

Guide to working in the culture, museums, curation, and heritage

Museums & Galleries

Tips for Applying

How to get work in this sector

Useful Skills

  • Ability to supervise teams, especially of volunteers
  • Written communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Ability to research
  • Collection management skills
  • Team work skills
  • Good time management
  • Inter-personal skills
  • IT skills, especially Microsoft Office

Relevant work or voluntary experience is always useful

Useful Qualifications


Volunteering is important in this sector, and networking could help you find useful opportunities

Important things to remember are

  1. Do your research: contact the right people, find out what the company does
  2. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be a good way to find and keep in touch with people who are useful to know
  3. Make sure you contact people afterwards to follow up on your networking or applications


Here is some advice for applying to work in this sector

Larger organisations are more likely to have an application form to fill in

Interviews and Selection Tests

Presentations and Pitches

Museum Blogs

These blogs talk about what its like to work in the sector, and could give an indication of the issues people are discussing