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TV, Radio & Music Industry: Sector Overview

Media Production

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them

Facts and Figures


estimated jobs in the TV, film, radio and photography sector in 2013


of the TV industry is based in London


Businesses involved in TV production, this includes the terrestrial TV channels, 300 satellite broadcasters, and 850 independent companies


of TV employers use freelance workers

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Sector Overview

This sector covers production, creation and development of music, film, television, radio, etc. As well as jobs in the music industry and as musicians

Many jobs in this field are for large media companies who broadcast productions, but jobs are also available producing materials for corporate clients for advertising, training, etc

In creative fields, competition can be fierce and jobs are often not advertised; it is important to be able to network and promote yourself

You can develop your contacts by finding voluntary placements and other opportunities to develop experience

Getting Into the Sector

Many people start their media careers in a temporary, entry level role

Short-term contracts and freelance work are quite common in this sector

These kinds of roles can provide an opportunity to show your passion and demonstrate your ability to work in the field


Training can be useful for some jobs in this sector, but how relevant it is depends on the job you want

Postgraduate qualifications in this area do exist, and qualifications can be useful in upper level jobs

Some larger firms run graduate schemes which give people a chance to develop professional skills in work

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