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Mechanical, Automotive & Aerospace Engineering: Application Tips

a guide to careers in mechanical, automotive and aerospace engineering

Mechanical, Automotive & Aerospace Engineering

Tips for Applying

How to get work in this sector

Your Skills

During your degree, you will learn useful skills that can be used to apply for work in this field. You can build on these through experience at work and in your personal life:

Skills in Demand by Employers

In 2007, Educating Engineers for the 21st Century PDF [580KB] identified the future engineering graduate as needing to combine three roles:

  • Specialist (technical expert)
  • Integrator (operating across boundaries)
  • Change-agent (providing creativity, innovation and leadership)

So, acquiring cross-disciplinary skills and experience will become increasingly important, as well as maintaining expertise in your own area.

Taken from Meeting the Challenge: Demand and Supply of Engineers in the UK  PDF [1.27MB] (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2011)


Interviews and Selection Tests


This is a sector where knowing the right people can be very important and, with many smaller companies, applying speculatively can be the best way to get in.

Important things to remember are

  1. Do your research: contact the right people, find out what the company does
  2. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be a good way to find and keep in touch with people who are useful to know
  3. Make sure you contact people afterwards to follow up on your networking or applications

Engineering - Key Skills

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