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On this page you will find general information about languages, and links to other useful resources

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This guide is for careers in language, such as translating, interpreting, and teaching

It contains the following pages:

What Our Graduates Do

Every year, many Sussex students go on to work as TEFL teachers. These students studied many different courses such as:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Italian
  • Development Studies
  • A teaching qualification (PGCE)

Other students have gone on to work as translators, such as a Global Political Economy student, who is now a freelance translator

Other jobs graduates have done in this sector include:

  • MEP's Assistant (student studied Global Political Economy)
  • Language Teacher for the British Council (student studied Anthropology with French)
  • Teacher of Foreign Languages (student studied Spanish with Cultural Studies)
  • Multilingual Online Researcher (student studied Anthropology and Gender Studies)

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Language can be an important part of very many jobs. You may wish to consider