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Journalism: Training

Introduction to careers in journalism. Covers production of print and online resources.



The qualifications you need to get started in this sector


Creative Writing

Journalism Courses

There are four main styles of journalism qualifications

  • Undergraduate degrees - an unusual choice for someone who has already studied at university
  • Academic year courses - year long courses often run in Further Education colleges
  • Postgraduate courses - Master's courses include a final project, while PGDips do not, these courses are run in a university and take one year
  • Fast Track courses - generally take 20 weeks and focus on skills. Can be run in a university or by an independent group

Different courses will suit different needs. Some companies may respect NCTJ-accredited courses more than ones that aren't. But this is not always the case

If you're considering what course to do it is best to research what qualifications are most common in the area that you wish to work. LinkedIn can be a good tool for doing this

Facts and Figures

These figures are taken from the recent Journalists at Work Report, commissioned by the NCTJ