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Introduction to careers in journalism. Covers production of print and online resources.


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What Our Graduates Do

Shortly after graduating, Sussex alumni have gone on to work in the following jobs  

  • Junior Journalist at The Big Issue (Studied History)
  • Junior Journalist at The Surrey Mirror (Studied English)
  • Journalist at Strategy 1 (Studied Oral History)
  • Freelance Writer and Researcher (Studied English)
  • Researcher at The Guardian (studied Media Studies)

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Famous Sussex Graduates

Many Sussex alumni have gone on to build up successful careers in this area. Here's some of them

  • Phillipa Gregory - Historical novelist, started her career on BBC Radio
  • Richard Cecil - Journalist and Conservative politician. Died in action while reporting on the Bush War in Rhodesia
  • Ian McEwan - Famous novelist
  • Michael Buerk - Reporter most famous for his reporting of the Ethiopian Famine
  • Becky Anderson - CNN news anchor, studied Economics and French
  • Kim Newman - Author of fantasy novels such as Anno Dracula. Started as a journalist, having studied English

Career Profiles

Career profiles describe the careers and jobs of people already working in the sector, and how they got there