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Journalism: Application Tips

Introduction to careers in journalism. Covers production of print and online resources.


Tips for Applying

How to get work in this sector


The following skills have been listed as useful for journalists

Skills such as shorthand can be learnt online, but most often they are learnt on journalism courses

Social Media

Social Media is really important for journalists because it presents and promotes your work in a way that anybody can access

It also allows you to build up a following, prove your skills, and keep up with news


Journalism is a highly competitive sector, and writing skills are highly important

Good grammar and a correct understanding of how to apply for each job are very important

Interviews and Selection Tests

Doing research about the work is often mentioned as important in interviews, this is especially important in journalism

A good start is to research topics you'd be writing about and how the company works


Having an online portfolio can be a good way to keep your work together and demonstrate your skills

Wannabe Hacks - Finding a Job


Trainee Reporter Blogs

Blogs and news sources can be a good way to improve your knowledge of the sector

This can be important if you want to demonstrate a broad interest in the sector in interviews