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Information Technology & Computing: Sector Overview

This guide covers working in computing and IT, including digital, consulting, technical support and development

Information Technology & Computing

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them


Facts and Figures

Sector Overview

The IT Sector is very broad, containing people who develop, maintain, and provide support for software and hardware

Some jobs in this field can be highly technical and can require knowledge of coding and software management. For instance, Developers, GIS Technician, etc

Other jobs require a high degree of communication skills, to sell products, share ideas, or get across new ways of working. IT Consultant, IT Sales Professional, and Technical Support Officer are examples of this

Creative work such as games design and multimedia programming can also require these kinds of skills

The Sector in Brighton

There are slightly more jobs in IT in London and the South East than in the rest of the UK

Brighton and Hove has a growing Creative Digital and IT sector, which employs around 23,600 people and accounts for 18% of the local economy

It is estimated that this sector is growing twice as fast in Brighton and Hove as it is in the rest of the UK

In December 2012, Brighton won funding for ultra-fast broadband, this could help sustain growth in digital industries in this city

Job Titles

Here are some of the more common job titles in this sector

People also find IT related work in sales, communication, and teaching

The Games Industry

Computer Games and Interactive Media employ around 34,000 people in the UK, and there is a significant cluster of employers in Brighton