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Actuarial & Insurance: Training

Work in risk management, maths, and insurance

Actuarial & Insurance


The qualifications you need to get started in this sector

Training Courses

In most roles in the insurance industry, it is possible to enter without specific qualifications and earn professional qualifications as you work

Actuarial Qualification

The first step towards qualifying as an Actuary is to join the Institute of Faculty of Actuaries as a student member

Getting the qualification involves taking 15 exams and gaining 3 years of relevant work experience

Generally, people start enter the profession in a trainee actuarial role. These usually last three years, and the company pays for the cost of actuarial training

Completing the academic element of the qualification can take 3 to 6 years

While graduates usually go in at a trainee level, there are jobs available for people who are partially qualified. So once you start the course you are in no way stuck with that particular employer

Training at Work

Training for many roles in this sector can be achieved on the job

Graduate programmes usually include a high level of training, but extra support is available from professional bodies

In other cases, such as actuarial work, people new to the profession are expected to work as trainees until they have obtained a qualification from a professional body

Examinations are common in this field, and some companies, like Lloyds of London, expect their trainees to pass in-house examinations as part of their training

Other courses

Other common courses in this field include