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Actuarial & Insurance: Sector Overview

Work in risk management, maths, and insurance

Actuarial & Insurance

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them

Sector Overviews

Find sector overviews, in-depth areas to explore and case studies, as well as summer internships, placements and graduate jobs

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Actuary - A professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty

Lloyd's of London - Lloyd's is an insurance market rather than a company, it deals with a large amount of the UK market for insurance. The system is that companies or indiuals financially back agents who manage insurance

Reinsurance - Reinsurance companies provide insurance to insurance firms against the risk of having to make large pay-outs

Job Descriptions

More information on the different job roles in this sector

Working in the Sector

Insurance Trends

Why Become an Actuary

Actuaries talk about what attracted them to the profession

Becoming an Actuary

Necessary qualifications for these kinds of roles include:

  • 2:1 in a relevant subject (these are usually ones that involve maths)
  • Logic and problem solving abilities
  • Communication abilities
  • Business awareness

Most graduates will train on the job to qualify as an actuary

The Future of the Actuarial Profession