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Actuarial & Insurance: Insider Views

Work in risk management, maths, and insurance

Actuarial & Insurance

Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector

Accountancy blogs

Blogs can be good tool for finding out what life is like in a profession and what issues are being discussed


Having a broad knowledge about the sector and what is going on in it can be helpful in job interviews

These sources can help you develop your knowledge

What our graduates do

Some of our recent graduates have gone on to find work in this field. Here's some of the roles they went into:

  • Underwriting Assistant at Aspen Insurance (studied French and Linguistics)
  • Loss Recovery Handler at Claims Fast (studied Social and Political Thought)
  • Credit Underwriter at American Express (studied Psychology)

Career reviews

You can use job reviews to look at what its like to work in the field and to learn more about individual companies

This sort of research can be used to help you answer the question "Why do you want this job?" in interviews

Career profile videos

Career profiles can be a good way to learn how people get started in their careers

You can use them to learn what is needed to progress in a career, and how careers develop

Professional bodies

Professional bodies provide training, news, and networking opportunities. It is often possible to join as a student

Social media

The internet can be a good tool for contacting employers, networking, and getting information

LinkedIn is especially valuable as a way to present yourself to employers