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Management Consultancy and Human Resources: Sector Overview

Management, management consultancy, personnel, human resources and recruitment

Management Consultancy & Human Resources

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them

Facts and Figures


  • HR increasingly involves making strategic decisions about business
  • There are an increasing number of smaller, specialised consultancy firms
  • Management consultancy is in recovery since the recession, except for in the public sector

Management Consultancy

Management Consultants are called in to work on specific problems for a company

This can involve analysing how work is done, collecting opinions, finding solutions and making the case for change in an organisation

Many management consultants work for consultancy firms, which can sometimes offer graduate training schemes

There are also a good number of freelancers in this sector, but most freelancers are people who've built up reputation and expertise

Human Resources

These roles differ from management in that they specialise in management of staff

This can include training, recruitment, staff welfare, legislation, equality and diversity

Getting Started

There are various ways to get into this field

Human Resources

HR can involve recruitiment, training, promoting diversity, staff welfare, pay and other issues surrounding how staff are organised

Management Consultancy

Consultants help businesses to develop and try new things. The work involves research, and developming proposals to solve business problems

Some management consultancies offer graduate schemes to help people get into the industry

Other Roles

Some companies hire specialisists to work in recruitment, training, equality and diversity, or other fields within the sector

Trainers, recruiters, etc, are often brought in as consultants