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Management Consultancy and Human Resources: Insider Views

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Management Consultancy & Human Resources

Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector

Management Consultancy: Pros and Cons

People in this sector often enjoy how their work is varied, challenging, and how every day is different

There can be opportunities for travel, and opportunities to work on lots of different projects

However, the hours can be long and unpredicatable

What Graduates Do

In the past, Sussex students have gone on to do these jobs

  • Headhunting Consultant at Globe Tech Solutions (studied Psychology degree)
  • Lead Internal Verifier at Lead Training and Recruitment Consultancy (studied Philosophy Degree)
  • Human Resources Officer at Inter Right (studied Politics and International Relations)
  • Research Consultant at the Technopolis Group (studied Technology and Innovation Management)


Here are some blogs from people in this sector. Reading blogs can be a good way to find news and see what people do

The Red Arrow's Personnel Administrator

Simon Miller works for the Red Arrows as a Personnel Officer

He decided that his skills were well matched for personnel work, but he dreamed of being in the RAF. So he joined the air force as ground crew

Job Profiles

Job profiles are people's stories of how they got where they are. They can give you a better idea what options are open, how people get into them, and what sort of people are attracted to the various roles in this sector

Difficulties in HR

Many people get into HR because they want to help people

But HR Officers are also responsible for giving people bad news, firing people, and disciplinary procedures

HR Officers need to have a high level of business acumen to help them make difficult decisions

The perception that HR Officers do not have staff interests in mind does mean that they are not always trusted by other employees