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Health: Jobs and Experience

a guide to careers in medicine & nursing, therapies & specialisms, complementary medicine


Jobs and Experience

How to get helpful work experience and get started


  • Building experience can be very important to furthering your career in health care
  • Some postgraduate courses require experience, or at least observation/shadowing, as part of the application process
  • Look for voluntary positions or part-time jobs whilst at Sussex
  • Care jobs or hands-on volunteering are a great introduction

Getting Relevant Experience

Speech and Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Arts Therapies

Jobs sites

Graduate Schemes


Use Community Base, ESCIS and the Brighton & Hove Community and Voluntary Sector Forum for local opportunities:

Opportunities from our Database

Health & Welfare opportunities. Search for more, using your own search terms, at (ITS login and password required)

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Getting experience at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals

BSUH NHS Trust: Royal County Hospital, Brighton AND Haywards Heath Hospital
Good to get on waiting list as soon as possible as can take time
They want a commitment of a few hours a week over at least a 6-month period
Work Experience:
One or two weeks shadowing a team in the hospital
Use the work experience email to request a copy of the placement sponsor contact list so you can select your preferred area for work experience

Work experience at Sussex Community NHS Trust

Currently based in Brighton General Hospital 

Work experience at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

In Worthing Hospital or St Richard's, Chichester

NHS Trusts

Contact details for NHS Trusts in the Sussex area. Use for contacts/volunteering opportunities