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Environment: Sector Overview

a guide to environmental, conservation and renewable energy careers


Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them


  • It is still a tough market for graduates. Candidates with specialist skills applied to new areas of business focus will be most successful
  • Environment Analyst's annual UK environmental consultancy market assessment for 2012 shows signs of growth in a generally sluggish domestic market. Key service areas include environmental impact assessment and contaminated land services. Job losses have declined

Facts & Figures

  • Nearly 940,000 worked in the UK Low Carbon Goods and Services sector in 2010/11, according to a BIS report
  • That was a growth of 2.8%, the first positive sign of growth in the sector since the recession in 2008
  • Over a third of the UK's economic growth in 2011/12 was likely to have come from the green economy, according to the CBI (pdf)

Sector Overview

  • The environment sector looks like being a growth sector at the moment, despite the recession
  • There is a business case for good environmental practices, leading to greater demand for climate change and carbon reduction services
  • Conversely, environmental assessment work has reduced following the closure of many infrastructure projects
  • Degrees in geography, environmental science or other life sciences could all be useful. Some areas may require postgraduate study
  • Additional sustainability qualifications are sought after by employers


Job Roles and Opportunities

  • The environment sector is extremely diverse. It covers hands-on roles in conservation, wildlife and forestry management. There are also scientific roles in air/water quality, ecology and renewable energy. Plus, there are specialist areas in environmental law/policy, engineering and education. You also have environmental consultancy which could encompass everything
  • Sustainability is a growth area. Larger employers will now have environmental managers and departments to cover energy efficiency, waste management etc. Corporate Social Responsibility is another area linked to this
  • Find out more about the different areas of work and sub-sectors. Look at job profiles to get an idea about what jobs entail and how to get in

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