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Advertising, Marketing & PR: Sector Overview

Advertising, PR, Marketing, Market Research, and events management

Advertising, Marketing & PR

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them



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Market Research

  • Market research looks at why people need, want buy or use a particular produce or service
  • It is important for business to help it test markets, develop new products/services and inform marketing strategy
  • It is also used by government to inform policy-making
  • Market researchers might work in specialist agencies/consultancies or within the marketing divisions of large organisations (e.g. Tesco, Unilever)
  • The Government Statistical Service also recruits market researchers into a variety of areas, including finance, public health and housing


Marketers and PR people work to promote their client or organisation

The sometimes work in-house as part of a company, but there are a large number of firms who do this work for various clients

This sector has a large number of smaller firms

Job descriptions

This sector is made up of several roles. Some agencies will deal with one element of the job, while in other places they will overlap


Advertising roles involve running campaigns. It can involve designing and finding the best time to put out advertisements

Roles in this field are usually found in advertising agencies, rather than in-house

Public Relations

PR work involves managing communications about a company or client, and looking at how it is perceived

Many companies include their own PR teams, but independent PR consultancies also exist

As well as getting a client's message out to the press and public, PR officers work with business to business communications, and even internal communications within an organisation


Marketing brings together different advertising campaigns and communications into a wider communications strategy

There is currently a trend towards consultancies and agencies offering communications packages that bring together different elements of marketing into one thing

Other roles

Markeing strategies and campaigns require a range of different specialities

Jobs in this sector can include buying, design, market research, liaising with clients, and many other positions

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a growing area, and is especially strong in Brighton.

It can include search engine optimisation, analysis, social media, and planning online campaigns


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