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Banking and Investment: Jobs and Experience

Careers in financial investments, hedgefunds, and banking

Banking & Investment

Jobs and Experience

How to get helpful work experience and get started

First Year Internships

Many companies now offer first year students work experience, called variously "insight days", "first year internships", or "spring internships".

This allows companies to meet students early and funnel people they like into graduate employment.


Internships are often in the summer, and offer a way to get formal training and work experience.

If you are a postgraduate on an MBA, some firms offer special "Associate's Internships"


Placements are year long work programmes you undertake while studying

Graduate Programme

These structured train-while-you-work schemes provide a good way into the banking sector

Undergraduate schemes are often called Analyst Programmes, while some companies offer specialised Associates Programmes for MBA graduates


Databases of firms can be useful for finding work with small organisations, and making speculative applications

Public Sector

Islamic Banking

Sharia-approved banking schemes are available in the UK, and some companies have openings for graduates in this field


CareerHub - Banking Jobs

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GradDiary - Banking Jobs and Internships

GradDiary advertises a wide range of opportunities for getting into banking, here's a calendar of upcoming deadlines:

Guardian Finance Jobs

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