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Arts & Performance: Sector Overview

Arts & Performance

Sector Overview

What jobs are available and how to get them

What's included on this page


It is estimated that around 155,000 people work in the UK fashion sector. Around 60,000 work in wholesale, 74,000 work in manufacturing and 10,000 work in textiles


101,000 people work in performing arts. 45% work in London, and 73% earn less than £20,000 a year. Around 34,500 work as performers

Visual Arts

Around 37,480 people work in this sector, 28,490 are artists. 46% of people work freelance and 75% work for companies of fewer than 5 people


Around 23,050 people work in this sector and the vast majority are self-employed. On overage 70% of people's income in this sector comes from craft, with the rest coming from other jobs, teaching, events, etc

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What does this guide include

This guide covers careers in art, performance, crafts, and fashion

These areas are dominated by small firms and freelance workers

For many people, creative work is just one aspect of their job. With extra income coming from other freelance work, teaching, and events

Job descriptions

These sites contain basic information about getting into these jobs, and what they involve

Martha Mascord - on being a circus performer


Music Industry

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