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Accountancy & Finance: Training

Guide to accountancy and related jobs in this field

Accountancy & Finance


The qualifications you need to get started in this sector


Accountancy does not require any specific academic background

An interest and good ability in maths is, however, important for this job

Training is provided on the job, or from assessment centres, and consists of taught modules, portfolio work, and exams

The ACA qualification is the usual qualification for graduates. However, an AAT qualification allows people with lower grades to enter the profession

ACA Qualification

The ACA qualification is earned through a mix of practical paid work for a company and study.

This qualification is required for many higher level jobs in accounting.

Generally, people earn this qualification while working and it is sponsored by the employer.

AAT Qualification

AAT training schemes are often open to people without degrees or with 2.2s

This qualification allows you to work as an accountancy technician, further qualifications are needed to become an accountant

Doing an AAT course will mean you can skip parts of the ACA qualification

Other Qualifications