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Accountancy & Finance: Insider Views

Guide to accountancy and related jobs in this field

Accountancy & Finance

Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector



What Our Graduates Do

Jobs in this field often require a degree in a numerate subject, but it is possible to get in from other backgrounds

Here are some of the jobs our students have gone onto after graduating, with the subject they studied

Big Versus Small

Larger firms, such as the "Big Four" accountancy firms are very important in this sector

Working for a multinational company can provide opportunities to travel and advance in the firm

Working for a smaller firm could, however, mean more responsibility early on, and a greater chance to influence how things work

Professional Bodies

Professional bodies provide training, networking opportunities, information, and news

Career Profiles

Career profiles can be a good way to learn how people get started in their careers

You can use them to learn what is needed to progress in a career, and how careers develop

The Careers and Employability Centre Alumni Network can put you in contact with people already working in accountancy

This is a good way to hear about opportunities, get information, and find out more about the sector

Accountancy Blogs

Reading blogs can help you keep up on debates, and learn what everyday life is like in this sector