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Information Technology & Computing: Insider Views

This guide covers working in computing and IT, including digital, consulting, technical support and development

Information Technology & Computing

Insider Views

See what former students have done and get insights into working in the sector




Following blogs can be a good way to find out what its like in a job, and what sort of tissues are discussed

Here are some examples

Careers Profiles

Career Profiles are brief descriptions of what a person does, how they got there, whether they're enjoying it and what they might want to do next

They can be useful for thinking about what could be right for you

What Our Graduates Do

While there is a correlation between working IT and studying Informatics at Sussex, many people have gone into IT from other degrees

Here are some examples of what Sussex Graduates have done

Views on IT Careers

David Coleman - Bug Abuse Lead Curator

David Coleman was unemployed for six months before finding his job in the Games Industry

He has a Business Studies background, and while he believes that a lack of technical skills hindered him at first, he believes the industry is starting to value business skills